Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update in Photos

Since I haven't posted in a while I thought I would do a small update through photos.  

Every day right around the time I am cooking dinner Finley gets so fussy so Kory takes him out to swing and he loves it.  This particular night he decided it was a perfect place to sleep ha.

 While Kory was in Nicaragua me and the boys spent some time in Marion.  We went swimming at the country club pool one day.  It was special to have the boys in the same pool that I spent so much time in as a kid.  Finley loves his uncle Logan!

We ate lunch at Aunt Ethel's after church which is always a special treat.  I love this picture of Finley playing in her floor.

Kory preached a few Sundays ago and it was just me getting the boys ready for church.  I surprisingly got all three of us ready early so I tried to get some cute photos of the boys all dressed up.

We went to the lake this past weekend and had so much fun!  It feels like vacation when we have the chance to get away from home and spend some time on the lake.  We also end up packing as if we are staying for a week long vacation.  Its a whole new ball game when you are packing for yourself and kids.  They require so much stuff.
I have so many pictures of my mom with the boys in this same place on the boat.  I think this picture of her and Finn may be one of the best.

The only way we could get Crider (Mr. Cautious) on the jet ski was to tell him that he was going to feed turtles, this would be the explanation for the hot dog bun in his hand.

Okay so maybe it wasn't the best update but I hope you enjoy the photos!