Thursday, June 2, 2011

Best Friends and Boat Babies

A few days ago after watching a Little Einsteins episode about best friends, Crider came up to me and said, "Mommy do you know who my best friend is?  It's Owen."  I thought it was so cute and considering that I am good friends with Owen's mom, Kayla and Kory is great friends with Owen's daddy, Caleb we were pretty happy in his choice of a best buddy.  These pictures are of Owen and Crider walking into Cody and Kara Brown's wedding reception.

They thought it was so funny that the wind was blowing their hair
Cody and Kara's wedding was beautiful and we had a fun time at the reception.  Kory was honored to perform the wedding ceremony.  He did a wonderful job as always and added a part to his normal wedding message to the couple about how sin is our enemy in marriage.  Instead of looking at your spouse as the enemy when things aren't going the way it should recognize that sin is the enemy and defeat it together.  I loved this and thought it was such a great message to share with a young couple.  They held their reception at the CFSB center in Murray and it was the perfect venue.  It was also fun to see all the people from Marion that came to the wedding, it felt like I was right at home.  Cody has been a best friend to my little brother for as long as I can remember and it was so sweet to share in his special day.  I am proud of the man he has become and am so happy for him to have found Kara to be his bride. I look forward to many grill outs with the two of them:)

Logan and Stevie
I loved the yellow tie that Kory was asked to wear for the wedding
Crider dancing with the bride and a little girl he met at the reception
On Sunday we headed to the lake to celebrate memorial day with our families.  We went to Pattis on Sunday night with Kory's family and then spent Monday on the lake with my family.  It was Finley's first time on the boat and I decided that both him and Crider are boat babies.  

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