Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Grants

We had such a fun weekend!  Aaron and Ashley Grant came to visit.  Ashley and I became instant friends our freshmen year in college and have remained very close even after graduation, marriage, babies and distance apart.  They have 2 precious daughters who are the same ages as Crider and Finley!  This made for a very interesting weekend having 4 children between us.  On Saturday we had a party for Ashley and Aaron where we invited everyone who was close to them during their time in Murray.  I took a lot of pictures but they mainly turned out to all be of our 2 oldest kids Crider and Riley.  They were so fun together.

All Crider wanted to do was wrestle and Riley wasn't so sure about it

Caleb and Kayla Staley spent the day with us on Saturday.  At lunchtime Caleb, Aaron and Kory took the toddlers to the cow show that was in town while Kayla, Ashley and myself all went to Dumplins with the babies.  When we returned home we were so surprised to see that the boys had successfully put all 3 toddlers down for their naps.  We were able to put the babies to bed too and all of us adults had some time to chat while the babies all slept.  And of course we played a little bit too ha!

After nap time the toddlers decided to do some swingin
After the party that night we decided it would be easiest if we just threw some of the kids in the bath together.  Im sure this picture will resurface one day and embarrass these boys.

Elijah Stanger, Owen Staley and Crider Cunningham

Tickle Time

As we were giving them a bath we couldn't help but talk about how different each one of these boys are, they are all so special in their own little way.  Also Kayla couldn't help but see her future of how bathtime will always look at her house.  She is expecting twin boys and the blonde one belongs to her too.  There is nothing quite like having great friends to share a weekend with and to see our kids all playing together was a blessing to us all as well.


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