Thursday, April 21, 2011

Haircut Day

It was definitely time to get a spring haircut for Crider.  I think he had his first haircut when he was 7 months old and since then it has probably been about every 3 months.  I love it long but there is just something about a fresh new cut that makes him look so adorable.  I think his eyes look bigger to me when his hair is short and I just love it.  Sissy (Deanna Mathis)  is so sweet to come to our house and give him his haircuts.  He does such a great job and I am always so proud of him for how still he sits for her.  Here are the before pictures:

We had to get his hair wet before she came:

This is the Alan Stout look
This is during the process:

and after:


  1. Love it! Jack's haircut tonight was the first one he hasn't cried during in his whole life! I have a feeling we're going to have a sad Mammie, Memish, and Gigi on Easter with these short-haired boys!

  2. How cute! Funny, when I cut Jude's hair, I always feel like it makes him look younger (maybe because his hair was so short for so long), but Crider's hair cut shorter makes him look so much older! Very handsome. :)

  3. Has anyone ever said he looks like michael? For some reason he looks a lot like him to me in that last pic!